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Dr. Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Organic + Natural Products Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry
Director, Chemistry MS Program
office:  300A Mendel Hall
voice:  610-519-4873

updated October 2017

We have a new NSF grant in collaboration with Drs. Louise Rollins-Smith (Vanderbilt) and Tom Umile (Gwynedd-Mercy) to investigate Bd metabolites!  Our blog, Frogs in Peril, is up and running.  A story describing Anthony's and Emily's contributions was recently posted.

We have another NSF grant that started on June 1, working with Dr. Tanya Livshultz at Drexel/the Academy of Natural Sciences and Dr. Shannon Straub at Hobart and William Smith College.

 The group now has eight publications for 2017.

KPCM was a graduation speaker this year and won a couple of Villanova awards.  Check out a Villanova webpage and an interview on NPR's The Pulse.

Welcome to the group, Renee!

Congrats to Steph, Steph, and Brian on their now-online paper!

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Research Interests: Nature provides us with a tremendous variety of small molecules that possess fascinating structure and potent medicinal properties. Their biological origin is as diverse as their chemical composition (see below). One half of the research group is working to identify bioactive natural products that are associated with amphibian defense.  We also working to prepare novel antibacterial/antiseptic compounds to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.  

Natural Product Isolation Projects:  Globally, amphibians face one of the largest extinction rates in the animal kingdom. Although habitat destruction is a major cause of amphibian extinctions, infection from the fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, is a large contributor.  Our group is working in collaboration with multiple ecologists, including Dr. Doug Woodhams at UMass-Boston, to examine bacterially-produced natural products endemic to the skins of frogs, salamanders, and toads that may confer protection against this chytrid fungus.  We also collaborate with Dr. Louise Rollins-Smith at Vanderbilt University and Dr. Tom Umile at Gwynedd-Mercy University, to further investigate Bd and its natural products.  We recently have begun working with Drs. Tanya Livshultz and Dr. Shannon Straub to look into plant alkaloids.
Panamanian Golden Frog, photo by B. Gratwicke

                Three of the compounds we've isolated from bacteria on salamander skin.                                          
Medicinal Chemistry Project:  Bacteria are developing resistance at a rate faster than new antibiotics are coming to market.  We are developing novel polycationic antiseptics to more efficiently disrupt cell membranes and lyse bacteria.  Working with Dr. Bill Wuest at Emory University, we are exploring how our compounds disrupt biofilms. Since 2014, we have collaborated a dozen or so publications (list), as we learn what cationic amphiphile structures are most effective at inhibiting bacterial growth, including biofilms. This has led to a spinoff company, NovaLyse Biosolutions.