Managing Business in the United Arab Emirates

Novasis Listing: TOP: Bus in United Arab Emirates - 24877 - MGT 2208 - 002

Course Description: An introduction to the ways business is managed and conducted in the United Arab Emirates. The topics to be covered in this course will include but are not limited to Negotiations in the Gulf, Islamic Banking, Culture, Religion, and Business, Real Estate, Marketing Strategies, Hospitality, Workforce Management, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, and the Leadership of the Royal Family.

Course Credits: 3.00

Course Levels: Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores Students with Good Academic Standing in VSB and other Colleges on the VU campus

Course Type: Counts as International Business Elective, Management Elective, or Free Elective

Course Meeting Days/Time: Friday Class Meetings: 13 November, 4 December, and 11 December from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Immersion Trip to UAE: Winter Break 2020-21

Immersion Trip Cost: To be determined depending on enrollment (Maximum enrollment 10 students)

The cost includes airfare, airport transfers if selected, apartment style lodging, internet access, all breakfasts, most lunches, and several dinners, and local transportation during the program activities.

Travel Dates Outbound: Tuesday 29 December 2020

Travel Dates Inbound: Saturday 9 January 2021

Information Session: Download the PowerPoint Presentation

Contact Dr. Sohail Chaudhry for additional information